Q.  How much time will it take to complete a workshop?

A. It is expected that your workshop will take you approximately 20-25 hours to complete within 12 business days. (You may of course use weekend time on the two weekends as well to complete assignments if you choose to do so.)

Q.  Can I complete the workshop at my own pace?

A. Each workshop is online, asynchronous and facilitated. There are no live meetings, but it is NOT a self-paced workshop so options to get a fast start, work ahead, and complete early or begin late, “catch up” and complete the workshop within a few days near the end are not available. There are specific due dates for assignments and everyone is expected to work at a similar fast pace throughout the two-week period. You will want to be sure to select a workshop session in which you expect to be able to actively participate throughout the session.

Q.  What will I need to do to successfully complete?

A. To successfully complete, you will need to (a) organize your time in such a way that you can thoughtfully and thoroughly complete all workshop activities, (b) keep up with the pace of the workshop, (c) fully participate in online discussion forums by posting thoughtful and substantive initial posts and replies to your colleagues, and (d) complete all assignments according to the 80% standard for successful completion noted in the workshop syllabus. After successful completion, you will receive a Certificate of Completion about a week after the workshop ends.

Q.  Will I need to buy a book?

A. At this time, a book is suggested for all workshops, but required for only two for use in the workshop:
Teach Students How to Learn
Getting Started with Team-Based Learning
To purchase see:  Book Purchase Information

Q.  What technology and skills will I need?

A. Each workshop is delivered in the Canvas Learning Management System. You do not need to be familiar with Canvas to successfully complete the workshop. Application activities can typically all be completed using Microsoft Word. Standard skills such as the ability to send and receive email, use word processing software, navigate the Internet, download and attach documents and locate downloaded documents on your computer should be sufficient. Since the workshop is delivered totally online it is, however, important that you have daily access to a computer and consistent, reliable broadband/high speed Internet access.

Q.  What can I expect to take away from the workshop?

A. Each workshop contains several kinds of learning opportunities: reading, videos, applied work on a course of your own, and individual, personal feedback on your work from a workshop coach AND your colleagues (other participants) in the workshop. By the end of the workshop, you should have the beginning of a new (or reignited) vision for the kind of learning that can happen for learners in your course and a set of tools, skills, work products, and resources for successfully implementing that vision in courses of your own.

Q.  How do I register for a workshop?

A. To register individually for a workshop, click on the workshop session date that best suits your schedule for the workshop you want to register for. You will be guided through several screens, including the payment screen at the end. You may pay by personal or institution Credit Card or Pay Pal. If you have any questions regarding registration, payment or payment options, be sure to contact kimberlyl@optimizelearning.org. Kimberly will be happy to answer any questions you have re registration and payment. After you complete the registration process, you will receive an email confirming your registration.

If you are part of a special cohort group, please contact your campus group representative or email Kimberly at Optimize Learning.

Q.  What happens next after I complete the registration process?

A. On Monday (two days before the date your workshop begins), you will receive two emails– one from Kimberly (kimberlyl@optimizelearning.org) with a welcome message and instructions in how to access the workshop site and the other from Instructure/Canvas. Both of these will enable you to “enroll” in the workshop with a password you select and access your online workshop site. Once you’re in the site, you will have an opportunity to review the Syllabus, Schedule/Checklist, and introductory information, view a “tour” of the site, meet your workshop Coach and introduce yourself to other participants in your workshop in the Welcome! Start Here module. You will also be able to review helpful videos and “how to” information re Canvas if you’re not familiar with it. Although you’re not required to begin on Monday or Tuesday, making sure you’re able to successfully access the site early and meet your colleagues will enable you to “hit the ground running” when all the modules open for you on Wednesday. Again, if you have any questions or need some help getting enrolled or started, just drop an email to Kimberly (kimberlyl@optimizelearning.org).

Q.  Once the full workshop opens for me on Wednesday, what kinds of activities will I do?

A. Each workshop contains several kinds of learning opportunities through assignments: reading, videos, applied work, discussion, reflection and individual, personal feedback on your work from a workshop coach AND your colleagues (other participants) in the workshop. By the end of the workshop, you should have the beginning of a new (or reignited) vision for the kind of learning that can happen for learners in your course a set of tools and skills for successfully implementing that vision.

Q.  What if I register or begin, but am not able to complete the workshop after all?

A. We know that everyone is juggling multiple family and professional responsibilities, so please consider carefully prior to enrolling if you have the necessary hours available to complete the workshop within the schedule. If you find that you must cancel your registration or withdraw from the workshop, please review Optimize Learning’s Cancellation/Withdrawal Policy and contact Linda Jacoby (lindaj@optimizelearning.org) immediately.

Q.  I’m interested in arranging a dedicated workshop session for 12 or more participants from my institution. What do I do?

A. Wonderful! We would love to partner with you. Please contact Linda Jacoby at lindaj@optimizelearning.org. Linda will be happy to work with you to schedule a dedicated session on a date that works best for you, explain invoicing and payment options, learn more about your needs and share ways we can help.